El•Alice is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that specializes in original fabrics and produces apparel and miscellaneous goods.

Apparel Original Equipment Manufacturer, El•Alice

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① Production Manager ② Clerical Staff

  1. ① Negotiation with clients, creation of specification documents, confirmation of product delivery time, etc. 
  2. ② Business clerical work, creation of delivery invoices, accouting, etc. 
Starting at 200,000 yen per month (depending on former work experience)
Motivated and positive personalities
①② Regular Employee 
  1. ①A person that can write specification documents 
  2. ②A person with accounting experience 
  3. We also welcome people who are inexperienced as long as you have knowledge, motivation, and energy!
Tokyo Headquarters (3 minute walk from Shinookubo Station)
Work Hours
9:30am - 6:30pm (there is overtime)
  1. Health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, public welfare, and employment insurance.
  2. Five-day work week.
  1. 1. Please send the required documents addressed to our office.
  2. 2. We will screen your documents and contact you.
  3. 3. After we review your documents, we will interview you at our company.
    We will conduct one or two interviews.
  4. 4. We will contact you with the results.
    You may consult us about your start date.
Resume or curriculum vitae
If you have a self appeal, etc., please submit it together with your resume or curriculum vitae.