El•Alice is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that specializes in original fabrics and produces apparel and miscellaneous goods.

Apparel Original Equipment Manufacturer, El•Alice

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1. Request
First, please contact us by phone, form.
When we receive your message, we will immediately begin working to meet your needs.
2. First Meeting
We categorize our wide variety of Chinese fabrics based on material and theme. We will bring the fabrics that meet your needs to the negotiation.
3. Samples
In accordance with your various requests, we will make samples in our specialized Factories, and we will show you the samples after one week.
4. Second Meeting
We will politely inquire if there are any modifications you would like for the samples. We will work hard to accurately capture the style you requested.
5. Production
The office staff in China will go to the factories every day to check on production.
6. Delivery
When the products are ready, we will perform an inspection, and the products that meet our standards will be delivered to you.