El•Alice is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that specializes in original fabrics and produces apparel and miscellaneous goods.

Apparel Original Equipment Manufacturer, El•Alice

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Quick Thorough Management

Our offices work closely
together to allow for
fast production
bringing you quality-controlled
products at high speed.

Location of Japan

You can easily and quickly visit our office, located within a five minute walk from Shibuya Station in Tokyo. In fashion-conscious Shibuya, we are able to keep track of the latest trends each day, allowing us to understand the styles that our customers seek.  

Location of
China OFfice

Our Chinese office is located right next to the textile market in Guangzhou. The office staff, with a wealth of knowledge about original equipment manufacturing, can easily access fabrics, materials, and accessories to match customers’ specifications.

The local staff at El•Alice stays on top of the newest trends each day, wholeheartedly supporting customers in order to make high-quality products!

Our Business


・・Compatible with a wide range of fields・・
We produce cut and sewn, knitted, and woven products primarily for young ladies. With specialized factories for products such as outerwear and dresses, we are able to manufacture a wide range of apparel.

Bags and Belts

・・Genuine leather, enamel, canvas, etc・・
With materials such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, enamel, and canvas, our products are compatible with a wide variety of brands and trends. We can also make original products.


・・We purchase accessories for you・・
We buy essential accessories from Korea, a trendy and fashionable country. We purchase a wide variety of accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and charms.