El•Alice is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that specializes in original fabrics and produces apparel and miscellaneous goods.

Apparel Original Equipment Manufacturer, El•Alice

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original prints
are our speciality!

Brand differentiation now!

Nowadays, while many brands are criticized for being homogeneous, El•Alice places a priority on originality. So, why not try our original fabrics?

Leave the prints to us!

Leave the prints to El•Alice, a company with a proven track record!We have a wide variety of prints, and we will suggest fabrics and styles to meet your needs.

If, for example

“I want this part embroidered.”

“I want it bound with lace.”

El•Alice can meet your needs.

A put-together casual look
is our specialty!

Trusted Quality
Sewing quality is important for feminine items! We have confidence in the quality of our products. Of course that includes our casual products!
With a Giving Spirit
Using unique materials is already a given. We follow trends in knitted, cut and sewn, and woven products, allowing us to make fashionable items for our customers.
Leave Outerwear to Us
There are many brands that have trouble with heavy clothing, such as outerwear and suits! El•Alice can handle heavy clothing. For example, a famous model wore one of our fur coats at Tokyo Girls’ Collection (TCG), a prominent Japanese fashion show.